It chronicles the touching story of a lady fox Slikver Silverleaf, known as Sliky, and her brave companions. She faces the difficulties of growing up on her own and discovering her exceptional abilities as a healer. Sliky sets off to rescue the Lady in White. Together they journey through danger and mystery to right the wrongs in their magical world.


The reader in ‘The Shards of Jasper’ finds Sliky in the middle of a burning village. Her quick wit and gift of healing assist her to rescue Jasper Stonehammer and the twins. Sliky, a lady fox follows the path searching for missing shards that are needed to mend a magic sword. The reader will find themselves in the middle of the fray with Sliky and her companions as they battle an evil dragon and a demon in a heroic attempt to save their world.


The third book in the series, "Death Wort," follows the courageous lady fox Sliky as she goes in search for a blossom of the Flower of Augur to cure the King of the Elves who is deathly ill. Sliky once again gathers her friends to solve the mystery of this rare flower that grows in their world but only blooms in the underworld. Go on an exciting adventure with Sliky and her companions as they follow the green line to find the key. Will they save the King or will he die?


Sliky is alone and lost in the rain-soaked forest. Will she locate her companions or be able to rescue Prince Jasper and find his magical sword. ‘The Coiled Snake Tattoo ‘of evil Mages are the enemy. A new friend, the King of the Dwarves is special to the lady fox. To her, he is family! Together, they face a terrifying mystery. The author creates a captivating tale of survival, self-discovery, treachery and redemption as the White Mages enter the battle to reclaim their Temple.


In the fifth installment, ‘The Twisted World,' Sliky, the gifted Silverleaf Fox, is startled by the arrival of her old friend, Ratter a retired pirate ship’s cat who brings ominous news of a shifting twisted world. Sliky grapples with the news of whole cities and populations mysteriously moved. Sliky takes on the onerous mission of repairing the damage and discovering who the enemy is. Beecher’s mystery in ‘The Twisted World’ will keep you reading until the last page.

The Lost Sisters Of Ancient
Lands Trilogy


A spell cast! And Air Mage Cloudia landed in a clump of snow with her trusty Coyote Wily, lost and bewildered they were led to a cabin by Pitch, a black raven. Cloudia’s destiny was nearly impossible. She was marked by the Gods as the Chosen One and her task was to return the Scattered Lands back to the Old Ones. An immense task for a girl barely into her teens.


A spell was cast.! Young Lava, a budding Fire Mage, found herself exiled to a bleak landscape in an unknown area of the Scattered Lands. Her companions— chameleon, a pygmy Dragon named Spitfire and a Phoenix bird, Ashes, set out on a long and dangerous journey to the fabled Academy of Four Schools of Magic where Lava hoped to find her lost sisters. Artismo and his magic sword Charisma, and Gimpy and Beetle, a pair of Imps joined the trio on their trek.


A spell was cast! A costly mistake and Young Gritty, a budding Earth Mage, found herself plunked down into The Shadowlands. She had to escape through the Gate of the Worlds. But she had only one chance to choose the right path . Witch one would she choose?

Echoes Across Afghanistan, “Choi, Choi, Naan”

Echoes Across Afghanistan, "Choi, Choi, Naan" is an intertwining story of American women as Peace Corps volunteers who vaccinated women and children against smallpox in Afghanistan, and of a young Pashtun male vaccinator, Khan Mohammad Alami. The American vaccinators spent two years, from 1967 to 1969, traveling on mobile vaccinating teams, living without electricity, indoor plumbing, or toilets, and sleeping each night on a dirt floor in a different village. Eighteen years later, the author received a phone call from "a voice from your past" and discovered that Khan was now living in Herndon, Virginia, and working at the Voice of America. His life, as he related it, is an exciting story to read but had been an extremely dangerous one to live. It included his work with the American Embassy, arrest, interrogation, and torture by the secret police, and his harrowing escape with his wife and three children to Pakistan. To me, life is a trip traveling on an uncharted path. My trip began in 1941 growing up on a small farm in rural Pennsylvania and going to a one room schoolhouse with eight grades. I went on to get a bachelor of arts degree from Pennsylvania State University, a master's degree from Chapman College, and to go tent camping in the National Parks and youth hostelling throughout Europe. I vaccinated women and children against smallpox in Afghanistan as a Peace Corps volunteer, and then had a career in the Federal Civil Service until retirement and the writing of this book. Traveling and experiencing the cultures and ways of life of people different from myself has been one of the driving forces in choosing my life's path. The people I have encountered, whether by design or chance, while on my life's trip have changed me forever.

The Malang Series

The Mystery Dance of the Malang

The Dance of the Malang is an adult mystery that takes place in Afghanistan. Abdul Hazrat, a Pashtun from Wardak Province and his partner Chang Lee, a Chinese Afghan, are Investigators Extraordinaire.

The Mystery Key of the Malang

Abdul Hazrat and Chang Lee, the two partners in Investigators Extraordinaire have more than one murder case on their hands. Their detective work takes them far afield in an underground network built centuries ago in Afghanistan.